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DC Motor Speed Control with Display

Product package contains all the hardware setups needed for learning feedback control system using a DC motor speed control application. We provide this ready to go platform to save time for the Hobbyists and Controls Engineering Students. Based on our experience a lot of time is spent trying to gather and assemble all the components and parts for the initial setup even before one begins playing with the real fun stuff.


The setup comes with:

  • A 12V DC gear motor with a quadrature encoder for speed measurement.

  • An Arduino based Microcontroller board for controlling the motor speed by modulating the input voltage (PWM) and measure the encoder output for motor speed feedback.

  • An LCD display unit connected to the Microcontroller board for displaying information about the state of the system.


The product ships with:

  • A feedback control system to control the speed of the motor with various reference speeds, also the reference speed and actual speed are displayed on the LCD display.


Either Arduino IDE or Matlab/Simulink with Arduino support package can be used to program the setup.


The setup can be used for:

  • Learning sensing and feedback control systems with traditional control system approach such as P,I,D

  • Model-based controls development approach such as Model Predictive Control

  • System identification

  • Nonlinear system analysis


Please be patient with delivery as all of products are custom made for you.

DC Motor Speed Control with Display

    • PWM input to the motor is connected to Arduino Digital Pin 5
    • Speed Encoder output A is connected to Arduino Digital Pin
    • Speed Encoder output B is connected to Arduino Digital Pin
    • The LCD display is connected to serial SCL and SDA lines
  • Our lead time has increased to 3 weeks due to impact of COVID-19 on our suppliers. We will do our best to build and test your product as soon as possible.

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